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Chilima Sanctions UTM Hardcore Criminals To Deal With Anyone Opposing Them

UTM’s crooked statement by Chilima only proves how hooliganism UTM members are. For starters, UTM cannot be there without mentioning the notorious and hardcore criminal suspects; Masangwi and Ngalande. These are the same names which were implicated in the infamous Chasowa murder Case. We understand the beating of Mr.Banda the MEC stringer was well planned by Chilima and Masangwi. Sadly

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UTM Hooligan Nethuru In Custody For Using Pepper Spray On Innocent Citizens

Information reaching Malawi Independent has revealed that one of the security guys for Hamdan Arafat’s UTM Mr. Christopher Nethuru is in police custody for using a pepper spray on two innocents citizens. The notorious UTM Thug Nethuru is on record to have pepper sprayed two citizens from Machinjiri township. Meanwhile some UTM officials are desperately fighting for the illegal release

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