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CSOs, Chilima Fail To Accommodate, Feed People With Albinism Who Demonstrated:Govt Comes To Rescue

Civil Society Organization led by Timothy Mtambo and opposition Saulos Chilima of UTM who were at the center of organizing vigils for people of albinism , have failed to. Provide food and shelter for the Albinos who got wet all day and came for a vigil in Lilongwe  , we can reveal   According to sources , the Albinos have

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Jeffrey Smith, Saulos Chilima Implicate Malawi Muslims In Kenyan Terror Act

Saulos Chilima @SKChilima has contracted  Jeffrey Smith  @Smith_JeffreyT to tarnish the image of Malawi on the international scene, with the recent being the implicating of Malawian Muslim community in the terrorist attacks which took place  in Kenya few days ago. According to our informants in the Washngton Dc, Jeffrey Smith who is well know  regime change agent was the center

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