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SKC Tells UTM To Cancel Grand Welcome :On Board With Concubine Nyenyezi Kambuwa

Hamdan Arafat Masquerading As Saulos Klaus Chilima has instructed UTM officials to cancel his grand welcome at Kamuzu International Airport today, after being exposed that he called Concubine Nyenyezi Kambuwa to United States Of America and the two are together on board on their way to Malawi, this publication can reveal. The truth of the matter is that after Chilima

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Chilima In A Sexual Spree In USA As Concubine Nyenyezi Kambuwa Follows Him

Vice President Saulos Chilima who left his wife Mary on his trip to Washngton DC is on a sexual jamboree in the United States Of America, with new revelations coming out that his long time Concubine and sexual partner Nyenyezi Kambuwa followed him to the US on his instructions. According to information we have collected, Saulos Chilima called Nyenyezi Kambuwa

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