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Kaliati To Be Named UTM Runningmate:Kambala, Masangwi, Usi Bitter

All is set for political orator Patricia Kaliati to be named as running mate for Vice President Saulosi Chilima, as she has managed to capture three of the party’s four regional teams, which will orchestrate her nomination as Chilima’s deputy and eventual running mate. UTM has settled to pick a Lhomwe as a running mate, we can disclose. Kaliati who

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Things Fall Apart As UTP Officials Cry Fouls Over UTM Officials Intolerance,Arrogance

Drama continues to unfold with Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) which is facing registration challenges,with the recent being United Transformation Party (UTP) officials writing party their secretary general, complaining that UTM officials are being intolerant and too arrogant to work with them as one entity, hence they want a redress so that they know of their position as UTP

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