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Broke Sidik Mia Looking For K300 MN Katapila From Lodzani Fachi

MCP cashcow Sidik Mia is broke.He is currently looking for a K300 million katapila from renowned Blantyre multi billionaire Lodzani Fachi. However Fachi, who is in the business of lending money through katapila on a large scale, is unsure of Mia’s capacity of repaying the money. As expected, Fachi has been ignoring Mia calls and the politician is stranded. “I

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MCP Official Edward Govati Beaten For Bonking Another Man’s Wife

Opposition Malawi Congress Party ( MCP) official is on record to have been beaten by a man who he was allergy bonking his wife, and not by Democratic Progressive Party cadets we have established. According to sources, Edward Govati is the calibre of Late Clive Macholowe who can just be assaulted in Blantyre by any zealot unless if that person

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Chakwera Abandoned By Bodyguards For Non-Payment Of Three Months Salaries,Allowances

Opposition Malawi Crocodiles Party (MCP) President Lazarus Yona CHakwera had a rude awakening in the northern region, when his personal bodyguards downed tools saying they could not continue working for anymore, owing to a fact that they have not been paid their allowances and salaries for the past three months. Malawi Independent can reveal. The bodyguards have pleaded with Chakwera

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Chakwera Fails To Take Care Of His Brother: Lavishing In Poverty While He Builds A MK 0.6 Bn Mansion

Leader of opposition and MCP president Lazarus Chakwera has been accused of ignoring his own blood brother, who is reportedly lavishing in poverty at his home village Kasiya in Lilongwe, while Chakwera himself is busy building multi billion houses and driving poshy cars in town. Chakwera who wants Malawians to trust him with the Presidency is failing to provide his

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