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The Problem With Ralph Was That He Overrated Himself , Thought Was Too Smart For Mw Law: Wiseone From The East

He will appeal against his conviction by the High Court in the case where he, and two others, were being tried for conspiring to commit murder and for their trouble in actually attempting to send Paul Mphwiyo to his maker earlier than scheduled. That is well within Raph’s rights. Ooops! I am sorry, this did not come out right. I will appeal right

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Kaliati Should Stop Embarrassing Herself, Government With Some Useless Press Statements

It is high time that Malawi comes up with job descriptions if it does not have to guide our shameless cabinet ministers of what they are supposed to do once appointed into their respective offices. Some of these ministers seem to have nothing to do in their offices and the best they can do is spend most of their time

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