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Mozambicans Killed by MCP and UTM.

Mozambicans Killed by MCP and UTM.

☠️ Renamo Warn Chakwera, Chilima Of Revenge

Malawi Police has handed over corpses of two Mozambicans who were brutally murdered by opposition MCP and UTM upon instructions from Chakwera and Chilima, Cables can reveal.

The two slain Mozambicans by UTM and MCP were coming from Tanzania where they had gone to pick their cars from Japan.

MCP and UTM operatives gruesomely murdered them on instructions from Vice President Chilima and leader of opposition Chakwera, on the premise that they were ‘blood suckers’ and operatives who were sent to buy national IDs in a bid to rig elections.

The other people who were with them managed to escape and reported to their relatives who have worked with Malawi Police to arrest the MCP and UTM thugs.

Opposition rebels in Mozambique, Renamo, have since warned that they will hit back at MCP and UTM through unspecified actions.

MCP has been killing innocent Malawians in Central and Northern Region.

They are also on record to have killed a police officer Imedi from Mangochi in the line of duty at Msundwe, where Chakwera went to thank his people for killing a good corp.

President Mutharika and UNDP have so far criticized Chakwera and the opposition for their ill intentions against Malawians. 🇲🇼

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