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Conspiracy: Presidential Elections Judgement  Was Written By Chief Justice, Ralph Kasambara And Mwaungulu

The men who rape the Malawi Justice system
As events continue to unfold following the delivery of the Presidential Elections Judgement on Monday 3rd February, we have just learnt that the Judgement delivered was not done by the 5 Judges presiding over the case but rather 3 outsiders.
Those linked to the plot are Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, Supreme Court Judge Dunstain Mwaungulu and private practice lawyer Ralph Kasambara.
We have gotten it from impeccable sources that the three had a series of meetings in both Blantyre and Lilongwe where they sat to frame the judgement that was delivered by the ConCourt on 3rd February.
It is has been revealed that after writing the Judgement, Kasambara was entrusted with the responsibility of delivering the cooked up Judgement to Judge Dingiswayo Madise who was one of the panelists.
Madise is reported to be the one who inserted the cooked up Judgement into the main document of the Judgement that was eventually delivered by the panel.
Madise, who comes from Mzimba is a direct cousin of the first petitioner Saulos Chilima’s wife, Mary.
One of the 5 judges said that he was concerned that their names have now been tarnished because of the ruling that has widely divided the country.
“Look, our hands were tied. It was the Chief Justice, Justice Mwaungulu and Kasambara who came up with the Judgement the two senior judges being our superiors, we couldn’t do anything to stop this,” he said.
He said that at least 3 of the Judges on the panel were not pleased with the Judgement but they couldn’t do anything as the Chief Justice communicated to one of us  through lawyer Ralph Kasambara.
Justice Dunstain Mwaungulu and Ralph Kasambara are close pals. It was also Justice Dunstain Mwaungulu who gave the murder convict Ralph Kasambara bail two years ago and the case has never gone back to court.
Both Kasambara and Mwaungulu are Catholics and so is the UTM leader Saulos Chilima, the first petitioner in the elections case.
Last year, during the wedding ceremony of Justice Mwaungulu’s wedding, Saulos Chilima was a stick boy during the ceremony.
Ralph Kasambara, himself a murder convict but currently on a mysterious bail for over two years has been running a series of articles in the social media praising the judgement and condemning efforts by President Arthur Peter Mutharika and MEC to appeal against the ruling by the Con Court.
When contacted for comment, Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda referred us to Judiciary spokesperson Agnes Patemba. By the time we were writing this article, Patemba had not responded to our questionnaire.

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  1. But Mwaungulu was outside country (UK)during the time judgement was being written. Is there evidence to this story? Otherwise these are allegations and I see a plot to bring new cadet judges to Supreme Court just to oppress justice.

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