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APM UNGA 4Last night the world went into a standstill waiting for President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) to deliver his address at the UN General Assembly.

This year, APM delivered his address wearing two hats. One, as a Chairperson of Least Developed Countries, the other, as Malawian President.

APM was able to strike a balance between his two roles. Having fought and developed Malawi, it was with great ease for APM to elevate to the position and a huge responsibility given to him by the United Nations, championing and fighting for the poor.

His speech full of emotion, his delivery, focused but passionate.

The end of his speech is what gave feedback on what he said. A huge clapping of hands could be heard as he leaves the stage. The world leaders who attended his afternoon address agreed.

APM spoke to the world about the dangers of poverty. The cost of poverty. He called on the world to treat poverty eradication as an urgent matter. His message was clear – we need to move from talking to action.

In his impassioned speech, APM fought for Africa, Malawi, and the whole world. He fought the youth, women, and the poor and marginalised. The 800 million poor population in the LDCs have a champion, that is APM.

APM fought fearlessly and assertively. His speech was characteristic of his long-standing career as a Law Professor. He was persuasive, yet his gentle soul pierced through that speech.

Many people were moved to tears. It is not easy to be poor. It is not easy either to have a dedicated champion who truly fights for your cause in the international stage.

Sticking to the theme of inclusivity – APM was clear in his speech. The developing world needs to include all the other nations so that the whole world can develop.

Second-year in a row, we expect APM to defend his number one position of last year at the UN, delivering the best speech. It is not about the address, but the message of hope he carries for the poor world majority.

APM remains one of the rare leaders that we need on earth.

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