Exposed!Hitesh Anadkat Of FCB Funding Violent Demos, Targeting Competetors

Sponsoring demos

Exposed! Hitesh Anadkat and his First Capital Bank are funding some people to turn violent in the civil Society organized demonstrations to force beleaguered Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah out.

We can reveal that Anadkat has been funding some thugs to infiltrate the demonstrators and destroy businesses of his enemies and business competitors.

Insiders said Anadkat used one of his trusted Malawian managers Ewen Hiwa to identify the thugs who who were paid K60,000 each to carry out the job

“Those starting the violence are very few and are targeting special businesses mostly from Indians who are perceived supporters of the ruling DPP,” said the source privy to the plan.

“The recent demonstrations were peaceful in Lilongwe and this did not please Anadkat and hired the thugs from Lilongwe and hired a minibus for them to travel to Blantyre to participate in the demonstrations the following day. Those who threw stones at FDH Bank Umoyo Branch during the demonstrations on July 5 were coming from Lilongwe and hired by Anadkat,” revealed the source.

Our impeccable source also revealed that Anadkat with the help of Hiwa have assembled a team of mercenary journalists who are writing false news about his competitors which include FDH Bank.

“Lately there have been negative stories about Thomson Mpinganjira and FDH Bank especially on social media platforms. This is the work of Anadkat and his mercenary journalists. They are being paid hefty sums of money through Anadkat’s puppet Hiwa,” said the source.

Other First Capital Bank employees also said Anadkat uses Hiwa to victimize Malawian workers.


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