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Chakwera Admits Losing Elections, Calls For Fresh Polls To Partner With Chilima

Combining of loosers

Combining of loosers
Leader of Malawi Congress Party Lazarus Chakwera who lost in two Presidential elections, and his mandate to run for Malawi Presidency has expired, is on record to have conceded that heost the May 21 election.

The High Court sitting in Lilongwe has told Lawyer Pempho Likongwe, to tell his clients, Malawi Congress Party and its Leader, Lazarus Chakwera that the case is delaying because they did bad work at assembling papers and masquerading them as evidence. The court has since given Mr Likongwe and his client up to Monday, 1st July, 2019 to put all their papers in order, and serve the respondents, failing which, the court shall have no option but to dismiss the case for non compliance.

Apart from withdrawing the two claims, Chakwera is now asking for fresh elections.

This means two things:

That Chakwera knows that if the votes were recounted, Chakwera would still lose, and APM would in fact increase the margin.

Chakwera wants to partner with Chilima in the hope that their combined numbers could defeat APM.

In essence, Chakwera admits he lost the elections.

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