Chakwera PA Branded as Rapist and murderous

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ‘Media Strategist’ Chikumbutso Mtumodzi has been paying mercenary journalists to ask questions at the Malawi Electoral Commission media briefings that take place at the MEC Main Results Tally Centre, Comesa Hall in Blantyre, we can confidently reveal.

The MCP hooligan Mtumodzi is undertaking this unprofessional task from a location in the low density area of Nyambadwe in Blantyre. He is carrying out the work with his long time stooge, Robert Lazarous. He has been in Blantyre for over 7 days now but has never appeared at the Comesa Hall in person. The Nyambadwe residence is the same place where DPP parliamentary candidates Gerald Viola and Ben Khuleya were taken to, to be beaten up after they were abducted by Abida Mia.

Reporters that have received money from Mtumodzi under this clandestine assignment have confided to this reporter that the money is paid in two segments, first half before asking the questions and the last half after the press briefing. Some of these disbursements are done through a mobile phone money transfer facility, the E-wallet.

“We are instructed to ask any questions attacking and discrediting the DPP and its leadership. The issue of MCP perpetrating violence throughout the country we are not allowed to ask. We are also not allowed to ask anything on the big Madame, Mrs Abida Mia, that’s a no go zone area” she said.

The source further disclosed that those that are free are requested to go meet Mtumodzi at Nyambadwe Puma Filling Station where they are given fuel using a Puma Card and cash. Those that are not able to, are sent the E-Wallet money.

The source disclosed that it is for this reason that every journalist wants to ask a question although it may have already been asked as long as they appear on the register book for Mtumodzi. Each journalist gets cash or transferred K100,000 and in the last 10 days, journalists must have made a lot of money from the MCP through Mtumodzi.


Mtumodzi, a notorious former young democrat in the UDF regime was recruited into the MCP by the party’s Vice President, Mohammed Sidik Mia. He is also the one who manages Mia’s official Facebook Page Account.

The notorious Mtumodzi was trained by the ‘mafia boss’ Humphrey Mvula and the late Dumbo Lemani. Apart from drawing his notoriety from Mvula and Lemani, it runs in the family as Chikumbutso Mtumodzi’s father was a Special Branch Police Officer who participated in a lot of murders during the dictatorial single party rule of the MCP. The Mtumodzis come from Dowa.

Chikumbutso Mtumodzi also murdered the late veteran journalist Jonathan Kuntambira, former Editor In-Chief of The Nation newspapers who was very critical of the then Bakili Muluzi regime in his newspaper columns.

The late Jonathan Kuntambira was murdered in the early hours at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre through a hit and run incident using a Nissan Double Cabin vehicle driven by Mtumodzi. He was being followed by Mtumodzi when he went to see a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in that morning and despite some Police authorities having a hint of who had murdered the late Kuntambira, Mtumodzi was never arrested or at least questioned by the Police.


Those that have been established to have received money from Mtumodzi in this MCP scheme include; Wonder Msiska, Arnold Mlelemba (Ufulu Radio and Television), George Kasakula, Jameson Chauluka and Brian Banda (Times Group), Daniel Mababa and Gabriel Kamlomo (Zodiak Broadcasting Station) and the jobless Mabvuto Banda who masquerade as a freelancer reporter for the Reuters News Agency. Ironically, Times Group is owned by the Kamuzu family of the founding President of Malawi and former MCP leader the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the Ufulu Radio and Television are owned by former President Joyce Banda who is now in an electoral alliance with the MCP and ZBS is owned by Gospel Kazako another MCP sympathizer.

Despite having full knowledge of this scheme to throw away the ethics of the journalism profession in Malawi, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chapter cannot do anything to condemn this unprofessional behavior of its members as the President of the grouping Tereza Ndanga is also very much part of the scheme where she has been supporting efforts for regime change in Malawi so that the MCP comes into power. The MCP financed Teleza Ndanga’s campaign to win the MISA presidency.

Our source who collaborated our information indicates that journalists like Ndanga, Kasakula, Msiska, Brian Banda and Mavuto Banda have been promised lucrative jobs in different government ministries, departments and agencies if they manage to sway the elections in favor of Lazarous Chakwera to become President of the Republic of Malawi.

Tereza Ndanga already begged for a government job under the DPP administration but she is not contented with that job and now wants something bigger and better according to her close associates.

Ndanga quit ZBS last year to join the AHXL Group as its Communications Manager. As for George Kasakula and Brian Banda, the two mercenary journalists continuously demand for bribes from government ministers and senior officials through fuel money and airtime.

In a popular leaked telephone conversation two years ago, former Times Group Editor Innocent Chitosi described the two journalists; Kasakula and Banda as the worst crop of journalists in Malawi who often demand for bribes for every story and programme that they do at the Times Group. This fact was never disputed by George Kasakula and Brian Banda. However, Chitosi was suspended for leaking this closely guarded secret at the Times Group. He later resigned on his own.


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