MCP Notorious Youths Return: Litness Chaima Accounts The Scary Met With Chakwera’s Terrorists

MCP terrorists

Yesterday i passed through the Santhe-Kasiya road so i could stop at Santhe and see my Grandma before proceeding to Mzuzu. After covering approximately 78 kilometres on that road and pretty close to Santhe, a group of men blocked the road and had already set a tyre on fire.


They approached me, asked where i was coming from and which tribe i belonged to. I said i was coming from Lilongwe and going kwa Santhe and i am Chewa from Kasungu. They demanded i produce my National Identity card, which I did. They gave it back to me. One of them demanded i step out of the car and talk to their team leader so that i give him ‘yammemo’ for the group. Now, this was getting scary for me.


I stepped out, took a K1000 note and followed them. At this time, young men with stones had already sorrounded my car. I met the team leader, gave him the 1000 which i want to believe was for safe passage. Then i started walking back and one of them shouted, “Akumveka ngati wakumwera mzimai ameneyi” to which some of them started agreeing. That time, i had already started walking back to the car.

\It happened so fast, i felt a stone pansana panga, of course not so big to cause harm but it did seem like they had started stoning at me. I turned and saw one man carrying the burning tyre and others omwe anali ndi miyala kundithamangira. Akuluakuli liwiro ndinaliswa apo kuthamangira to the car, ayayayaya moyodi ndi mpamba. …..long story short, I got in there, quickly but dangerously reversed and turned around at a safe distance and started heading back to Lilongwe…..

Felt like i was in some drama series. This was traumatic for me and i keep thinking, are we really gonna lose lives and property just because we belong to different ethnic groups and voted for different candidates? I pray we get through this election period safe and sound.

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