Enock Chihana Calls Tumbukas mbewa and Makoswe pockets MK 45 million from Mia

The true Hi5 of the barbaric MCP:

MCP campaigned on a basis of a policy they called HI5 but recent criminality and violence sanctioned by MCP President Lazarus Chakwera shows that they were nothing but hypocrites.

Here are the true Hi5’s as we see with the Chakwera sanctioned violence in Malawi.

  1. Disobeying the Rule of Law
    MCP talked of rule of law. But Chakwera called on his supporters to cause bloodshed. The MCP is openly disobeying the rule of law. This is the correct Hi5.
  2. Lying about Ending Corruption
    It is not a hidden fact that MCP engaged in a lot of vote rigging activities in Lilongwe and the Lower Shire. They even went as far as chasing away the DPP monitors, and faking the numbers in Lilongwe and most Central region districts.

  3. Lack of Servant Leadership
    This too has been found wanting. Servant leadership is acceding to the will of the people. Chakwera jumped to reject MEC results after only 20% of votes counted. A servant leader would have waited for all MEC processes to conclude before throwing toys out of a cot.

  4. Prospering Alone
    Chakwera has demonstrated that he doesn’t care about prospering together. He has demonstrated this by prospering alone while people in his constituency continue drinking unclean water. Chakwera does not care about Malawians, he only cares about getting into the Presidency using all means necessary – the presidency is about his ego, it hurts him that he has lost.

  5. Dis-Uniting Malawi
    MCP supporters recently have been seen in the streets in Central region calling on people of other regions to go back where they came from. Chakwera is using tribalism as a mobilisation tool in Central region. Calls for violence and lawlessness have never been uniting to any nation.


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