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Chakwera, Crooked Activist Mtambo Planning Demos On Elections Day

New MCP Nkango in Chakwera

New MCP Nkango in Chakwera
A leaked recording of a conversation between Chakwera and Mtambo reveals a lot of gory details about how the CSOs have been colluding with the opposition to tarnish the government.

In a leaked recording, Mtambo first starts by greeting Chakwera, calling him “a president in waiting”. This is months before the elections take place.

Mtambo arrogantly says that the aim is at tarnishing their (DPP government) image. “Partially we are saying that we are demanding this – but the objective is to ensure that we should reduce them to nothing,” Matambo says.
In all this, Chakwera is heard agreeing to it and supporting Mtambo’s evil plan to tarnish the image of the same government he was serving.

Mtambo speaks about the plot of the demos planned for March 27, and how “strategic the date is since it is a campaign period.” This conspiracy between CSO’s and the opposition comes at the back of the unsuccessful demos that were held in April and August respectively. Chakwera supported the failed April 2018 demos, appeared and spoke there. Same with September one.

In September, email leaks also revealed the collusion between Chilima and the CSOs. This is while Chilima is serving as a Vice President of the country. Chilima plotted with the CSOs to tarnish the image of the government as well, using corruption narrative as a disguise.

It is a great pity to see leaders of opposition relying on dirty tricks and collusion with the CSOs, instead of offering Malawians robust solutions to the problems.

With the revelations in this plot, the big question remains – “have Malawians been fooled about the claims of ‘corruption and delivery’?”

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