Chilima Thugs Behind MEC Break In

Chilima Thugs exposed

In attempt to implicate DPP in a vote rigging scheme and divert people’s attention from his evil plots UTM leader Saulos Chilima is responsible for the break in at Malawi Electoral Commission Offices .

It came as a shocking news to most peace loving Malawians to hear chilima who is the vice President of the country to go on podium in Chitipa to disclose that DPP operatives have broke into MEC warehouse.

Inside sources in the Chilima inner cycle has disclosed that , close Aides to Malawi’s Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima masterminded the break into and vandalism done at an office of the Malawi Electoral Commission ( MEC) . Mr Andrew Kamlopa who who stays in area 36 in lilongwe and comes from Ntcheu is the Director of Security in UTM and one of the trusted aides of Chilima lead in the plot. A team of 5 close aides of Chilima namely , Andrew Kamlopa , Colonel Pethias Mdoka from MDF , Davie Mudyanaye ( one of the Police Officers guarding Chilima) , Mr Shabani M’bwana the notorious UTM Governor for the central took part in the planning meeting.

Mr Andrew Katimba is the one who released a total of K600 ,000( Six Hundred thousands kwacha) which was given to Mr Mudyanaye who bribed the two police officers on duty of that night.

Colonel Pethias Mdoka executed the whole Mission in absent of Andrew Kamlopa who was by that time busy with Whistle stops in Rumphi and Chitipa with Chilima.

The main reason was to make people blame the ruling DPP that it is trying to rig the 21st May Elections.Mr Lukas Kapheni one of the Police officers on the Chilima security details also took part in the planning meetings. It was deliberate ploy to announce that in Chitipa for the believability of the story.

The mafia team that is ready to cause bloodshed in the country are the following..

  1. Andrew Kamlopa
    2.Andrew Katimba
    3.Colonel Perthias Mdoka
    4.Shabani M’bwana.
  2. Davie Mudyanaye.
  3. Lukas Kapheni

Malawi Daily Times has carried a story to that affect that some people are desperate to rig elections in Malawi. He has been summoned many times to appear before the MEC panel but he has refused.

Chilima is believed to have hijacked the PP cellphones that were bought at Airtel for communication during elections tabulation. He used one IT expert at Airtel to do the harmful job against Joyce Banda.

Memories are still fresh when Chilima disclosed that DPP could not have won if Chilima had not played dirty tricks with MEC system.


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