UTM Hacker Posing As Medical Dr Deported Back To India By Immigration


A hacker who was contracted by Saulos Chilima from India to rig the coming Elections in his favour and that of UTM has been deported back to India by Immigration, this publication has learnt.

Police over the weekend arrested an Indian national who Saulos Chilima hired to interfere with the elections on May 21.

In an elaborate scheme, Chilima brought Charan Gutara into the country using a UTM member, Masopera Gondwe, who works at Malawi Immigration Department in Mzuzu and connived with another UTM Official V. D Ndovi who also works for immigration as the one who would be hosting him.

Surprisingly, the foreigner went to stay with an ex-military UTM member in Mzuzu a Mr. Shaggy Mlanga who is also a senior UTM official instead of being hosted by the person who invited him.

When the people around Mchenga Utuwa noticed the suspicious behavior of Mlanga and Chatan Gutala, they reported the matter to the police based on the rigging fears which have been making rounds, trailed Gutala and made an arrest.

Mlanga called UTM regional governor for the North to call Saulos Chilima and tell him that Munthu uja wamangidwa (call Chilima and tell him that person has been arrested).

UTM officials stormed Mzuzu Police demanded the release of Gutala but the police denied saying they had not arrested any UTM member.

Gutara entered Malawi on 21 April 2019 through Kamuzu International Airport, according to details in his passport number M3057553.

Gutala papers indicated he was in Malawi for a research but since his arrival, he had not done any research or did any business transactions apart from going to UTM rallies.

Interestingly, since his arrest on Friday, UTM executive officials had been besieging Area 30 demanding his immediate release.

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