Nkhoma CCAP Synod Sold To MCP Using JB Cash Gate Money At K 10MN

Reverend Katani of Nkhoma Synod receiving a gift from MCP President Lazarus Chakwera with a party logo on it.

Nkhoma CCAP Synod has been sold to opposition Malawi Congress Party, using stolen money which Joyce Banda got from her multi billion cash gate scandal at MK 10 million. We can reveal.

The alliance of Crooks made up of Chakwera who stole money at Assemblies  of God, Khumbo Kachali who stole hospital beds, Joyce Banda who stole billions of Malawians and Sidik Mia well known for stealing people’s cattle in the lowershire has successfully managed to bribe the Nkhoma Synod pastors with K 10 million which Joyce Banda stole from poor Malawians.

MCP president Chakwera met the CCAP pastors and gave them the money from Joyce Banda to write a pastoral letter which was but full of anger and exposing the evils that Chakwera and Joyce Banda wants to drug the church in.

Photos have started to leak from Nkhoma synod on how some influential leaders are misleading the synod with their nepotism and tribalistic political biases.

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