Mutharika Orders ESCOM To Cancel Awarding A MK 675mn Contract To Demolish Burnt Escom House To Evil PP, MCP Operatives

Cancel that unreasonable contract . Mutharika tell Escom

Malawi President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika has ordered the management of Electricity Supply Commission Of Malawi (ESCOM ) to cancel a MK 675 million contract to irrigwater and mining company to demolish the Escom house  in Blantyre   which was burnt by Joyce Banda’s sons during the Peoples Party rule, to cover for their tracks of the shaddy deals they were involved in at Escom . We can reveal


According to the advertisement we had seen in the papers   which drew mixed reactions from the public . The company which was awarded the contract overcharged and Malawians offered themselves to demolish the building than to be hoodwinked by a company which is connected to Joyce Banda and was almost to be given the contract .


Banda who is in a political alliance with MCP, wanted to use some of the proceeds from the demolishing of escom house to finance the MCP campaign .


Mutharika’s order has forced Escom to reverse its decision of awarding the contract until further notice .


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