Saulos Chilima Wishes Malawi President Mutharika Dead To Take Over Power

Chilima wants Mutharika Dead

Saulos Chilima who until this day has clinged to the Malawi Vice Presidency, has told a gathering at a rally he held that one of the reasons he has not resigned as VP is because he thought Malawi President would die, thereby he would ascent to the post of the country’s President as per the constitution, his own recording has revealed.

Chilima said he is fit to rule this country in an event that President Arthur Peter Mutharika dies.

This gas received mixed reaction with the majority calling Chilima’s speech as Satanic, childish, uncalled for and not befetting a leader.

Chilima launched his party some seven months ago but he has not resigned as the vice President.

The speech of Chilima has exposed how power hungry he has been and a hidden agenda he had to see President Mutharika Dead so that he becomes President.

Malawians have vowed to show Chilima a red card by maintaining Mutharika In power in the coming elections, and commited to praying hard so that Mutharika has giid health to shame Chilima and his satanic agents.

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