Cadet Chapita Accounts The Making Of DPP’ Operation Landslide

Mutharika’s operation Landslide in the making

Operation landslide is real. A DPP victory during the May 21 polls is non-negotiable its just a matter of counting days. APM’s triumph that is coming to shame all his opposers is guaranteed, sealed and done. This is not something new, it has happened before and all pointers now are taking us on the road to victory with the whole world watching. Thats the DPP for you.

Some facts are facts because they are facts, they cant be ignored. Sometimes people tend to shun facts not because they are not facts but because the facts are hard hitting and are squeezing bitterness, jealousy and anger out of them.

This is the reason why DPP facts are breeding happiness and endorsements from those that believe these are indeed real facts and on the other hand bitterness and hate from those that wish to believe these were not facts.

Whats my point here? The reality on the ground is there for all to see; the DPP led administration has achieved most of its 2014 campaign promises and recently the party just reaffirmed its commitment to transform Malawi further when it launched its 2019-2029 manifesto in Lilongwe . This is a fact and nobody in his right senses can dispute this.

Give me the 2014 manifesto and show me the unfulfilled promise with facts, and i will show you projects that have been implemented and those that are still work in progress. It is therefore wrong to label them as “DPP failures”. For example, the Mombera university in Mzimba hasnt failed, it is still work in progress and give the DPP another 5 years, we have have this imposing structure in Mzimba, this be rest assured.

It is also a fact that all sectors in this country have success stories to tell. From infrastructure development, education, health, agriculture, tourism, industry and trade just to mention a few are all on track. Only those who have squeezed themselves to a fault finding corner are those that without any backing point paint a picture that everything in Malawi has come to a standstill due to their selfish reasons.

In Professor Mutharika we have a leader who took over leadership of this country when donors had withdrawn aid due to JB’s cashgate and the coffers were almost dry. Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have a different story. Mutharika has stir our economy to a projected growth of 5℅ with now the country able to attract foreign and local investors and on the other side inflation still pegged at single digit. And we have people doubting the DPP’s operation landslide proclamations?

We are hearing some opposition leaders raising issues about job creation and making promises to create jobs especially for the youth. This in my opinion is already happening under DPP. We have more youth under the youth internship program and these after gaining experience will be fully employed in the civil service. Lets talk about community technical colleges, youth being empowered with vocational skills so they can become self reliant and be able to create jobs for others. I can go on and on.

Operation landslide is real. Ignore this at your own risk but the DPP is here to stay and APM is not getting out of statehouse anytime soon, up until 2024 where he will be handing over power to another DPP presidential candidate…

The making of operation landslide is the various development projects under APM and the DPP. APM is not here for politics, he is here to develop Malawi.


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