Chilima Is The Master minder Of Maze Gate:Rashid Of Trans Globe Funding UTM

UTM officials at Transglobe

Truth as they say, is like pregnancy. You can’t hide it for long. Saulos Chilimas UTM are main beneficiaries of maize-gate scandal that came into limelight two years ago. Our undercover investigator has uncovered that the Chairman of Transglobe Group has been financing UTM including purchasing campaign trucks for the party.

Pretending to be a worker at Transglobe, the undercover investigator first spotted UTM’s running mate Micheal Usi on a weekend morning before the Makhetha rally arriving in a Nissan Teana with an MJ registration number. He proceeded to meet Director of Operations for Transglobe Rashid Tayub who was arrested alongside George Chaponda on the maizegate issue.

Ussi was later seen leaving the offices with bags of cash and he immediately drove out. The investigator further took pictures of trucks and vehicles purchased by Transglobe branded UTM that are also being kept within the company’s compounds.

The undercover officer also witnessed another UTM party leader Lewis Ngalande arriving on the company premises on Wednesday 17th April, 2019. He was driving a black Mazda pick up branded UTM.

According to inside sources, Saulos Chilima is the main person behind maize-gate and only implicated George Chaponda as he tried so hard to stop the siphoning of state resources through Chilima’s deal with Transglobe. Chilima through his media team paid millions of Kwachas to media personalities to taint the image of Chaponda who at that time was Minister of Agriculture and Food Security.

Chaponda was later cleared by the Commission of inquiry into maize-gate and by the High Court sitting in Zomba. Chilima is using Khwesi Msusa to collect the loot.

Msusa is a frequent visitor according to the investigations.


One comment

  • What a stupid article. Chaponda and Tayub both got implicated and cleared. They both got cleared and there was no ‘maizegate’. Foolishness in journalism as always

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