MCP Aspirant, Chakwera PA In A Multi Mn Corruption,Forgery, Theft Scandal.Rot In The Head

Corruption hits MCP

Malawi Congress Party has failed to live by its words that they are corrupt free, with recent developments pointing out that there is a Corruption rot from MCP top leadership as several aspirants have been convinced of corruption and theft charges, a twist which has bruised MCP we can reveal.

Edward Chileka Banda, an aspirant for Mapuyu and a one time Chakwera Personal Assistant in the office of the Leader of Opposition, has been convicted of fraud and corruption in a case where he as Executive Director of Eye of the child.

He was forging the accountants signature on NGO cheques. He was also pretending to be holding 50/50 workshops but would simply pocket the money.

Witnesses in this case included Glades Mtalimanja, the accountants, Human Resources and Mobilization officers who gave detailes on how the scam was being done.

This conviction means that Chileka will no longer be able to contest in the 2019 elections, giving Joseph Njobvuyalema a free ticket


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