(—– 3 strange dogs found dead at the market in three consecutive days—-

—–20 people died at the same market,just days after the dog incident—-)
Barely hours after some people quizzed Chilima why he did not attend to the flood disaster victims in Nsanje, Chikwawa and Thyolo and Zomba; the UTM Czar had a rude awakening in his own native land, Ntcheu; when local residents chased the UTM guys, accusing them of being Satanists.


1-Early on Friday March 21 2019, 20 people died in a mystrious accident at Kampepuza market in Ntcheu district.The cause of the accidents was not yet understood as we were going to the press.

2-Atleast three of the injured victims claim they saw a large flame of fire spreading towards them.As they were trying to run away from the fire they did not know what happened to them next.

3-All dead bodies were taken to the mortuary ready for autopys and identification by relatives.

4-In just less than two hours, even before the police could conduct their investigations and the medics could certify and clear the bodies, UTM were already on the scene with a truck load of coffins.

5-This action surprised and angered the crowd of mourners that had gathered at the hospital as relatives of some of the deceased were not yet around.

6-This quick response by Chilima who has been reluctant to respond to flood victims shocked Ntcheu residents who started chanteing anti-Chilima songs saying Chilima had killed the people to sacrifice for his presidential bid because he is a Satanist.

7-The UTM guys were violently sent back together with their coffins; thanks to the police that saved them as the mob almost set alight the pick up that brought the coffins.

8-It is not clear where the coffins have been taken to.

9-Ntcheu residents aswell as Chiefs have openly expressed their disappointment and anger towards Chilima whom they accuse of being rude, arrogant and ill-mannered.


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