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MCP President Chakwera Accused Of Having Sex With Son’s Wife

TA Chadza rebulfs Chakwera's bribe

Chakwera Accused of sexing out with daughter in law

This may look like Nollywood’s drama series but is a real story that is breaking apart the Chakwera family and brings MCP into total confusion.


1.Rev Lazarus Chakwera’s Son, Nick is married to Rhudo Mkukupha, a daughter to Mr.Isaak Mkukupha


2.Before getting married to Nick, Rhudo had a secret love relationship with one senior Pastor in the Assemblies of God based in Lilongwe.

By then, Rhudo was based in Blantyre and was the leading singer in one prominent pentecostal Church in the city.
Her role in that church drew her closer to the founder of that Church who could often take her along on his assignments in USA.This brought tension between Chakwera and that Blantyre based church founder.

3.Around the same time, Rhudo went into a relationship with Nick, and the Rev pushed the two to get married.

Sensing the immoral acts that were happening, the Assemblies of God refused to bless the wedding between Nick and Rhudo, Rev Chakwera did the blessing himself.

4.Despide the marriage, the secret love affair between Rev Chakwera and Rhudo continued it is believed that Rhudo’s first born child was fathered by Rev.Chakwera(her father in-law)

5.When Rhudo was impregnated by the Rev, she was whisked to the UK where she stayed temporarily with her family.

6.Lately there have been growing tensions between Mrs.Chakwera and her daughter-inlaw Rhudo..
Some senior pastors in the Assemblies have been involved in trying to sort out the issue whis is now exploding and is likely going to affect Chakwera’s electoral campagn.

7.As if that was not enough, the Rev Chakwera is on record that he has been sleeping with his secretary,named Colleta Chidzero.
Rev.Chakwera is said to have played a role in the breakup of Colleta’s relationship with one Blantyre based businessman called Lyton Bandawe.

8.Bandawe is very bitter with Chakwera especially with the fact that he spent alot of resources on Colleta.He is believed to be among the guys who threatened Chakwera from visiting Chiradzulu during the Chilembwe memorial.

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