Broke Sidik Mia Looking For K300 MN Katapila From Lodzani Fachi

Chakwera under Fire

MCP cashcow Sidik Mia is broke.He is currently looking for a K300 million katapila from renowned Blantyre multi billionaire Lodzani Fachi.

However Fachi, who is in the business of lending money through katapila on a large scale, is unsure of Mia’s capacity of repaying the money.

As expected, Fachi has been ignoring Mia calls and the politician is stranded.

“I think Fachi knows that its risky to lend Mia that kind of money because he just learnt that Mia blew K1.5 billion which he got after selling part of his stock of his ranch in Chikwawa.”

“He has also learnt that most of his property is tied to other creditors and that is why he fears that he may lose the K300 million, ” said a close friend of Fachi privy to the deal.

Mia recently folked K90 million to pay for MCP aspiring MPs from the Southern and Eastern regions but refused to pay for those in the central region.

He also donated K70 million towards the MCP convention where he was elected Vice President of the party unopposed.

Mia is also said to be the main financier of the MCP renting a house for its President Lazarus Chakwera in the suburbs of Namiwawa in Blantyre in the process.


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