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Chilima Sanctions UTM Hardcore Criminals To Deal With Anyone Opposing Them

Chilima wants Mutharika Dead

UTM’s crooked statement by Chilima only proves how hooliganism UTM members are.

For starters, UTM cannot be there without mentioning the notorious and hardcore criminal suspects; Masangwi and Ngalande. These are the same names which were implicated in the infamous Chasowa murder Case. We understand the beating of Mr.Banda the MEC stringer was well planned by Chilima and Masangwi.

Sadly in executing their mission, they employed the same statement “MISTAKEN IDENTITY” which costed Chasowa’s innocent life. It is the same Masangwi and Ngalande who remorselessly confessed in court that they mistook Chasowa with someone unidentified thief.

UTM’s Masangwi and Ngalande are well known notorious gang leaders of darkest repute with horrific stories of terrorising innocent Malawians in the country.

Currently the Chinese trained hit man, Ngalande is the commander of UTM’s paramilitary wing aka Security detail

Information from internal source shows that Chilima hatched a plan to beat all journalists who have been writing ill or negative reporting against the infamous UTM.

It is said that from his own evil deeds Chilima is baying for the blood of innocent journalists and reporters who try to stand and question his integrity and leadership acumen. Just like the way his Lieutenant dealt with Chasowa(MHSRIP), Chilima is trying to eliminate everyone including journalists like Chikumbutso Mtumodzi and whoever is seen to know his bad records

If Chilima was honest could have named the person he was targeting for the assault, why he wanted to harm and to what extent.

Chilima’s statement leaves a lot to be desired. It is very unfortunate, childish and exposes the highest level of political immaturity, to say the least.

So, these guys have vowed to finish whoever seems to be against their organisation.

As an aspiring political leader, he was supposed to prove that he is really smart and he could be the first to realise that no political leader in the world ever survived without good relations with the media guys.

Sadly Chilima does the opposite after being surrounded by heads of hooliganism and lawlessness.

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