Cash Gate Alliance Breaks:Chilima Defiant To Pick JB Son As running Mate

Alliance Breaks

The much touted “grand” alliance involving opposition parties UTM, PP, Tikonze and PPM has collapsed before it has even started.

Reports reaching us indicate that PP leader and former President Joyce Banda is furious with UTM leader Saulosi Chilima’s change of heart on choice of running-mate. It is reported the initial agreement was that Chilima would pick running-mate from PP with secretary general Ibrahim Matola and Vice president east Roy Kachale Banda as hot contenders.

However, Chilima as unreliable and treacherous as usual, informed JB he was no longer interested in having a running-mate from PP. He instead told the desperate former President that his running-mate will likely come from UTM.

This according to our sources has enraged JB and she has told the ambitious Chilima to go to hell.

Meanwhile, Joyce Banda flanked by her family members is meeting Mark Katsonga, Enock Chihana and Cassim Chilumpha at her Area 43 residence to bang heads and map the way forward in wake of sudden turn of events.

One of the options being considered is for JB to lead the alliance of Aford, PPM and Chilumpha’s Tikonze Zinthu.

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