ZBS Exposed : Edits Jumani Post Removing Kandodo’s Comments On FB Page  

Left is edited post and right is the original post. ZBS Exposed

Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation (ZBS) has been caught pants down to be a threat to democracy and justice, with information coming in that they have edited a post which it made on 8th January 2019, whereby Kamuzu relative Kandodo was quoted saying  , they will deal with Jumani Kamuzu Banda if he continued demanding DNA and wanting to claim the riches for Malawi past President Kamuzu Banda.

This comes barely a day after a mysterious death of Jumani Kamuzu Banda and the public reacting to what Kandodo made in relation to the death of Jumani .

According to the two photos collage ,Zodiak has edited the post it made on January 8 some 4 hours ago, trying to hide what they earlier posted .

This has raised an alarm as to why ZBS has edited the post .


Malawians are demanding justice and truth on the death of Jumani . Ken Kandodo, MCP  , Lazarus Chakwera and the family of Kamuzu Banda have been linked to the mysterious death .


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