Police Arrests UDF Militia Leader For Leading Assault On UTM Supporters In MH

UDF Militia in UTM Supporters assault

Police in Mangochi are keeping in custody Adam Malisita who is a United Democratic Front Militia leader, suspected to have led others in the assault of UTM members in Mangochi, this publication has established.

According to inside information, the man who led the assault of the Mangochi woman is (as you can see in the picture) a senior UDF functionary close to the highest ranks.

He has been identified as Adam Malisita. Police have since arrested him and is in presently in custody.

Opposition parties, CSOs and the international community went to town blaming the governing DPP when in fact the man who caused the mayhem is UDF is not even a cadet .

We hope those pointing the accusing fingers will now swallow their pride and apologize to the DPP.

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