MCP, Chakwera Butcher Kamuzu Banda’s Son:Jumani Died Of Food Poisoning

MCP poison Jumani

Details are emerging of circumstances leading to the death Jumani Kamuzu Banda, with the latest being that he died from food poisoning.

When he fell sick on Friday, Jumani was taken to Mlambe Hospital for treatment. However the hospital could not handle his condition as it was critical. According to a medical report produced by the hospital, Jumani had suffered serious food poisoning.

The hospital referred him to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he died early on Saturday.

His immediate family members have since requested the police to conduct an investigation, pending an autopsy report which may build on the contents of the medical report from Mlambe Hospital.

However, it is understood that the postmortem examination could not commence today as renowned expert Professor Charles Dzamalala is outside the country and the authorities have had to seek the help of a specialist based in Lilongwe.

Jumani’s death comes after Kamuzu Banda family spokesperson and senior member of the Malawi Congress Party Ken Kandodo Banda threatened him early this month that the family would take “drastic measures” to stop Jumani from his claims that he was former president Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s son.

“If he continues to tarnish the image of the royal family, we will take drastic measures to stop this nonsense,” Zodiak Broadcasting Station quoted Kandodo Banda as saying in its report dated 8 January 2019.

Kandodo Banda is nephew of the former Malawi president.

Since news of Jumani’s death broke, there have been suspicions linking Malawi Congress Party leadership of Lazarus Chakwera to the death. This is because Jumani had vowed that once he finalizes providing proof that he was Kamuzu Banda’s son, he would proceed to repossess his father’s assets which are being held by Malawi Congress Party.

MCP relies on an impressive property portfolio which belongs to Kamuzu Banda who was the party’s leader for nearly 35 years.  some of which houses its offices across the country.

Jumani caused a sensation when he first appeared in Malawi in 2011 and made claims that he was Kamuzu Banda’s son. He was based in Sweden at that time. His claims caused much discomfort to Kamuzu Banda’s family in Kasungu which claimed that Kamuzu never had a child.

Jumani was deported after his visa had expired. Since then, he had been based in South Africa. He returned in November last year and vowed he was ready to prove his Kamuzu Banda connection with traditional leaders and a DNA test.

His birth certificate shows he was born at Ekwendeni Hospital in 1973.


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