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Chilima In A Sexual Spree In USA As Concubine Nyenyezi Kambuwa Follows Him

Chilima in a Sexual Spree In USA with Nyenyezi Kambuwa

Chilima in a Sexual Spree In USA with Nyenyezi Kambuwa

Vice President Saulos Chilima who left his wife Mary on his trip to Washngton DC is on a sexual jamboree in the United States Of America, with new revelations coming out that his long time Concubine and sexual partner Nyenyezi Kambuwa followed him to the US on his instructions.

According to information we have collected, Saulos Chilima called Nyenyezi Kambuwa to the USA few days after he had left.

Kambuwa who was married last year to a husband who died in a road accident continued to be fucking around with the country’s Vice President despite being married.

The two have been having quality time in the United States for the time Chilima has been there, meeting regime change agents and people he wants to help him rig the election like @SmithJeffrey while his wife remains loyal and faithful to him back home.

Peter Malenga married Nyenyezi Kambuwa on 6th January, 2018 and he died after being w involved in a fatal motor accident on Saturday, January 27, just three weeks after their wedding.

Since then, Chilima and Nyenyezi Kambuwa have been bonking willy-nilly to the extent that rumours were making rounds that Hamdan Arafat has infected Nyenyezi with an STI.

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