MCP Official Edward Govati Beaten For Bonking Another Man’s Wife

Beaten for bonking someone wife

Opposition Malawi Congress Party ( MCP) official is on record to have been beaten by a man who he was allergy bonking his wife, and not by Democratic Progressive Party cadets we have established.

According to sources, Edward Govati is the calibre of Late Clive Macholowe who can just be assaulted in Blantyre by any zealot unless if that person is looking for trouble, as he is one of the guys who calls the shorts in the city.

Govati is said to have been a steamy affair with someone’s wife and on this particular day, he was caught red handed in the act, a development which led to his assault.

MCP officials without understanding the situation rushed to facebook to claim that Govati was beaten by DPP cadets when the truth of the manner is that, he has been beaten fir his libido.

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