Jeffrey Smith, Saulos Chilima Implicate Malawi Muslims In Kenyan Terror Act

Chilima and Jeffrey Smith implicate Malawi Muslims in Kenyan terror

Saulos Chilima @SKChilima has contracted  Jeffrey Smith  @Smith_JeffreyT to tarnish the image of Malawi on the international scene, with the recent being the implicating of Malawian Muslim community in the terrorist attacks which took place  in Kenya few days ago.

According to our informants in the Washngton Dc, Jeffrey Smith who is well know  regime change agent was the center of the same barbaric acts of tarnishing the images of other countries by presidential aspirants who paid him handsomely  is on record to have done the same in Gabon , Kenya , Zimbabwe and  Malawi is his next target under the instructions of lawless Hamdan Arafat who fools Malawians as Saulos Chilima.

Jeffrey Smith  is a lobbyist based in Washngton DC and what we saw in today’s Malawi News is just a tip on an iceberg, whereby Malawians have been branded to be terror act in Kenya and there is also a video going around made by Chilima’s boy Jeffrey Smith that muslims based in Malawi are part of the Jihadi community to have terrorized Kenya.

This publication can reveal that Malawi is going to be prone to Negative PR as orchestrated  by Chilima with Jeffrey Smith.

Chilima and Smith  are the reasons we have seen our Malawi being Implicated in the terrorists acts in Kenya and locally published by Malawi news as a way of testing the waters.



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