ZBS Loses Key Staff Due To Kazako’s Political Attachments With UTM

ZBS Loses Key staff

ZBS has been hit with another Exodus as two Directors have resigned amid poor management and politics at zbs.

This has happened barely days after some other two senior and talented presenters left zbs.

The senior people who have left ZBS includes Africano Phiri who is Director of marketing who have been with zbs since 2006 and Steve Chikopa who was the head of finance and administration.

Sources within zbs say the two have left due to poor leadership from management and politics at the office.

We have information that since the coming in of Gospel Kazako’s brother Grey kazako to be the General manager and things have been going on well.

Confidants have made it clear to this publication that Gospel Kazako is also financing UTM in order to be piked as running mate.

This is being done by the agreement which had has been made behind the curtains that ZBS should do a positive PR on UTM and broadcast their rallies for free.

We hhave information that Eneya kadzanja soon is leaving zbs after being ill treated by Gospel and Grey.

Daniel Mawawa too is leaving after being frustrated.

Sunce 2018 ZBS has lost 20 employees some of them ads Don kamwanthendo, Joseph Mwanoka, Lucy chimwaza and Teresa Ndanga.


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