JB Needs To Retire and Be With Her Grand Children : Politics Is Doing Her Harm

JB Needs to retire

If the picture on this storyline is anything to go by, those who are the followers of Joyce Banda  must accept the fact that our former President has done her party as a politician and president of Malawi, so she needs time to rest from the political scenes  , be with her grand children and enjoy the time of being a mother , granny and wife which she has missed the decades she has been in the political world.


Joyce Banda must accept the fact that she cannot win any election or bounce back to state house to risk her health just for the highest political office in the land  .


As seen on the picture  , JB cannot go in or outside of her VX without the aid of woodern steps, this is a clear indication that something is wrong with her because the Joyce Banda we knew 10 years ago, did not need woodern steps to be in her car.

Power comes and goes but this does not mean JB must risk her precious health at the expense of cash Gate which saw Malawians losing billions during her rule.

Let her rest . You have duped her more than enough  . Be fair with her by telling her to retire and stay health than deteriorate her condition further .

For once be human PP followers.

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