Conman Chilima In Trouble As Nigerian Tycoons Demand Back $800,000 He Got From Them

Rebel Hamdan Arafat and his boys victimizing innocent Malawians

Conman Saulos Klaus Chilima whose real name is Hamdan Arafat is in trouble with Nigerian tycoons he met recently in Lagos. Malawi Independent has established.

According to a phone cable we have come across, Chilima got a phone call from Nigerian business tycoons a day after the new year, with simple instructions that he had to give back the $800,000 he collected from them during his second visit to Nigeria.

The Nigerian tycoons through their local contacts in Malawi are said to have established that Hamdan Arafat AKA Saulos Chilima had been giving them a false impression of the popularity of his UTM party and that he was set to win the elections so the he needed the Nigerians to bankroll him.

What has made matters worse is Chilima’s arrogance which in the end has exposed his connections and moves with the Nigerian counterparts.

“We are exposed and we can’t continue working with you, you have been giving us a false impression to get money from us, so we have concluded that we are no longer interested in your political project.” Went thr conversation on the phone.

The Nigerians tycoons have given Chilima a date line of 22nd January, 2019 to return their $800,000 or expect to dance to their music.

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