IFES Deny Conducting Opinion Polls Tipping Burstard Hamdan Arafat Elections Win

Scared Chilima aka Hamdan Arafat

Saulos Chilima has been caught lying again as the body he claimed had conducted an opinion poll that tipped him to win the elections has strongly denied conduting such a survey.

UTM circulated a story on social media this week which said the International Foundation for Eelctoral System (IFES) conducted an opinion poll which said he would win the election by 55%.

It turns out they lied!

In  a statement dated January 11, 2019, IFES has denied having undertaken any such survey in Malawi.

IFES adds conclusively:

 “IFES does not issue statements on electoral pollingor election results. As such IFES has not and will not conduct any surveys or research related to political parties or political candidates in Malawi.”

IFES works for USAID (US Government) DFID (British Government).

One comment

  • Malawi Independent and AIIH News. You are professing journalism as a gutter profession. Freedom without responsibility is the definition of i civilisation. Whoever is funding your dross against Chilima is not only bitter against UTM but also a brainless imbecile. How could you write such neausiating fictitious tripe?? Absolute losers! Ndalama ikuphetsani anthu a Satana inu.

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