UTM Move To Mudslide State House Officials, DIG, NIB Boss Revealed

Their moves exposed

The following are the minutes of a UTM Emergency Meeting convened in panic to deal with Bon Kalindo’s arrest.

Date of Meeting: 10 January 2019.

Venue: Mr. Kambili’s House, Area 47, Sector 1.

Time of Start: 5:00pm

Chairperson: Callista Chapola

Attendance: 16 people

Agenda: Bon Kalindo’s Arrest, what do we do?

One of the people who spoke at length providing strategy was Patricia Kaliati.

The meeting agreed that they need to divert attention by finding people to blame for the arrest of Bon Kalindo.

Kaliati proposed that UTM must pick five people and get them portrayed that they are Peter Mutharika’s mini-cabinet making decisions to finish UTM.

These people should be Elvis Thodi, Peter Mukhito, Bright Molande, Duncan Mwapasa and Norman Chisale.

UTM will do a series of articles including that this team met in Mangochi to strategise which members of the UTM should begin to be arrested.

The UTM gurus also agreed to smear the five people as people as underground UTM members.

Articles will be created to say that Thodi, Mukhito, Molande, Chisale and Mwapasa all secretly visit Soulos Chilima and assure him to continue so that Chilima can give them positions if ever he becomes Malawi’s leader.

The meeting also agreed to scandalise the five people.

Kaliati also said they will start a campaign to get Duncan Mwapasa interdicted using civil society organisations who will pressure police for enforcing interdictions of 40 officers in spite of injunctions.

While in the meeting, Kaliati called a reporter at Times but he did not pick up. The smear campaign begins immediately.

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