PP Veep For North MP Kamlepo Kalua Tell Times Tv That Mutharika Is Winning Again

Mutharika is winning again. Kamlepo Kalua

Opposition parliamentarian and former Vice President for the People Party in the North Kamlepo Kalua has told private owned Times Television that President Arthur Peter Mutharika will continue to serve as Malawi’s President till 2024.

Fire brand Rumphi East constituency Kamlepo Kalua made it clear on Times Tv Tchutchutchu program that whether we like it or not but as a seasoned politician, he has come to terms and swallowed his pride to accept the fact that Mutharika and his DPP will win the May 2019 elections, giving them the mandate to rule Malawi till 2024.

In the program Kalua hailed Mutharika for being a democrat who has not arrested any politician on political grounds.

He further stated that President Mutharika within a short period of time has managed to gain back the donors confidence which was lost between 2012 to 2014 when Joyce Banda was in power due to Cash Gate scandal.

“I want to make it clear that DPP will form another government after May elections unless the opposition forms an electoral alliance,” Kamlepo hinted thrice in the program

As that is not enough, Kamlepo Kalua attacked opposition Malawi Congress Party of being selfish and thinking about themselves and not the welfare of Malawians.

“Look at Chakwera, a man of God who left his call of duty to join politics just to make riches for himself and his family. As for Chilima, this is another man who is wanting the presidency just out of greed but without any agenda for Malawians.”He added

Malawians have come to realize that Mutharika has done more than enough for them in his first rule and have vowed to vote him again come May 2019.


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