Rebel Saulos Chilima: Explaining Chilima’s Spirit of Rebellion In Hamdan Arafat

Rebel Hamdan Arafat

Soulos Chilima is a rebel. The media has however given him what we can call media immunity and conveniently avoided describing him a rebel.

A research in psychology can now explain the connection between Chilima’s rejected hidden identity of Arafat Hamdan and his rebellion.

In another sense, you can also understand Soulos Chilima as a reject. Why? To understand him as a reject, look at his history.

Chilima was born a Moslem in a marriage that never worked and he was called Arafat Hamdan. His step father renamed him Soulos Chilima.

Soon after university college, Chilima enrolled in the army as an officer cadet but he was fired within two months of recruitment.

Chilima went to work for R. Gaffar but he was again fired because he was sleeping wuth his boss’ wife. Wherever Chilima worked he ended up being fired.

Chilima was fired in the Army. In the Army, his trainer is said to have been Lieutenant P.V. Phiri. He was fired from R. Gaffar. He was fired from Lever Brothers. He was fired from Computer Solutions. His contract was being discontinued at Airtel. He has been rejected as Vice President. Now he is being resisted as a leader of his own party. That is what we mean when we say Chilima is a reject.

Chilima at one time  got an opportunity of his life while working as a director at Airtel which was called Zain at the time. At that time, some Indian businessmen came to buy Zain.

All Chilima did was to connect the Indians to MACRA using the then Director of Information called Chikumbutso Mtumodzi. MACRA facilitated the change of ownership from Zain to Airtel. As a result of the connection that Chilima made he became a goodboy to the new owners of the company and they made him Country Managing Director.

Chilima’s rising to head Airtel was not a result of super-performance. Records in Airtel also show that Chilima’s contract was about not to be renewed in 2013 because of his poor performance.

Many people do not know that Chilima was technically fired from Airtel by the time President Peter Mutharika picked him up to be his runningmate.

No sooner had the Democratic Progressive Party made Chilima Vice President of the country than did they realise that Chilima is not what he says he is. It was discovered that Chilima cannot make a good leader. The political system rejected him again. He was never integrated in the ruling party.

As we speak, there is an ongoing serious argument about Chilima’s leadership competence within his own party the UTM. The Vote of No Confidence in Chilima’s leadership came out when senior UTM members such as Noel Masangwi, Richard Makondi and Louis Ngalande refused to take positions at the UTM Convention.

Honest UTM people have openly said Chilima has failed to organise a meaningful convention, failed to mobilise grassroots for primaries elections, failed to resolve the in-fights, failed to command moral respect and moral leadership because of his behaviour, and that finally Chilima has been failing to articulate his agenda for Malawi as seen on both his performance on BBC Hardtalk and what he says during public rallies.

In other words, there are people within UTM who reject Chilima’s leadership after DPP rejected him. Therefore, Chilima has always been a reject from the time he was born as Arafat Hamdan.

It is this fact of being a reject throughout his life that makes Chilima a bitter person who is unforgiving and sometimes heartless.

According to John Eckhardt in a book called UNSHAKEABLE, there is a connection between rejection, bitterness and rebllion.

Eckardt writes, “because rejection hurts so badly, many people become unforgiving, resentful and bitter.”

According to Eckhardt, “The core of the rebellion personality is the root of bitterness. A person can develop the root of bitterness from hurt and pain of rejection.”

“When dealing with someone who is rebellious, you will find that they have or will become bitter. Bitterness is also connected to rejection. When someone has been rejected, they often rebel and take on the root of bitterness.”

The real reason why a social reject becomes a rebel is because he wants nothing but simply to prove himself. Such a person will do anything and cause any kind of destruction just to make a point and prove society that he is not a reject.

The rebel as Chilima is becomes a dangerous person because he wants to cause any kind of destruction to take power when in reality he doesn’t have a national agenda. His interests are not for the country but very personal. Therefore, what Chilima will do is to use power to cause more destruction with it.

The psychology of a rebel is nothing but destruction.


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