SKC Plans To Handpick Girlfriend Helen Chabunya As Councillor For Chigoneka Ward

Scared Chilima aka Hamdan Arafat

Vice President Saulos Chilima who is also leader of opposition UTM has bent party statutes and is ready to handpick one of his girlfriends, Hellen Chabunya, as ward councillor candidate of Chigoneka Ward despite her shameful loss at primaries held last week.

Chabunya lost to Ian Nsolomba, an outcome that came as shock owing to the fact that the noise she made on social media prior to the primaries made everyone outside Area 47 think that she is popular than the rest.

To her dismay and that of many, came election day she was floored by Ian Nsolomba who beat her clean with hundreds of votes.

The loss has not gone down well with Chilima who has special interest in the outcome as he would have wanted the result to be in Chabunya’s favour.

Chabunya on the other hand is said to have convinced Chilima that Nsolomba is just a plant by Malawi Congress Party whose main agenda is to destroy UTM from within.

The Vice President has fallen for her sentiments so he has ordered a rerun of this particular primary election with clear leaning towards Chabunya’s victory.

However, UTM delegates who spoke to this publication fear for the worst if their leader insists on fielding Chabunya as their candidate in May.

“We chose Nsolomba because he has a good heart and is sociable unlike the lady who hides herself in high fences and is rarely seen in public gatherings mainly funerals and weddings. We doubt if she is the right person to represent us so we will reject her again if they reschedule the primary elections,” said the delegate who wanted only to be identified as Lucia.

Nsolomba on the other hand remains adamant that he is the right candidate to represent UTM in the ward and won’t be cowed to give in to Chilima’s demands.

The UTM primaries – which were supposed to be held on January 3 countrywide- were marred by logistical problems despite leaders boasting that theirs was a different and more progressive exercise than what other parties do


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