Sembereka Reveals That Two Arrested Chilima’s Aides Never Presented, Registered A Gift At Chiwanja Cha Ayao

Hamdan Arafat Turned Saulos Chilima

Information coming in has revealed that two of the seven relations of Saulos Chilima who were arrested yesterday did not deliver or register to present a gift at the Chiwanja Cha Ayawo function yesterday, one of the organizers Macdonald Sembereka has revealed.

Police told Saulos Chilima yesterday that no one is above the law and had refused to release his two aides before completing their investigations when he stormed the police.

Police in Balaka yesterday arrested Joshua Valera and Unyolo.

They were at the Chibanja Cha Ayao ceremony in Liwonde where they behaved suspiciously, according to official accounts.

Noting that they were being watched by security, they started running away. They were arrested at Chingeni Roadblock.

Upon receiving news of the arrest, Chilima who was also in Balaka and some UTM members rushed to Balaka police station to force their release.

He vowed he would not leave until his two cousins and aides were released. Most people have interpreted this action as an attempt to intimidate police.

But the police refused to be bullied by Chilima. They told him they were operating within the law and would keep the two in custody until they have completed their investigation.

Defeated, Chilima left the police station.

The stand taken by the police has received support from some Malawians on social media.

Writing on facebook, Usher Chilaya says, “As someone who wants to be president, SKC is supposed to know what the law says about how police should work. I can’t understand that he thought he would stampede the police into doing what he wants just because he is vice president. Shame on him!”

Collins Mabenje, just said, “Who does he think he is? The police have put him in his place. No one is above the law. Let the police do their work.”

Yet another commentator calling himself Chalice of Poison said: “So the circle is complete! He is surrounded by criminals. Party executive officials are criminals. Aides are criminals. Disgusting!”

Unyolo and Valera are 2 of the seven of Chilima’s cousins who work in in his office as his aides.

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