UTM, Hamdan Arafat Up In Arms To Remove Kaliati As SG: Accuse Her Of Being DPP Operative

Chilima, Kaliati part ways

UTM President  Hamdan Arafat AKA Saulos Chilima and some members are calling for the removal of Hon. Patricia Kaliati as Secretary General for messing up the convention and primaries.

It’s alleged that she has lined up her preferred candidates and has done everything possible to frustrate those jostling for positions.

She has crafty used many ways to sabotage others not on her list.

3rd January 2019 is the day UTM wished never happened. Stories coming in are that the much touted ‘1 day’ primaries turned out to be a nightmare for UTM members.

Many are left disillusioned and in a daze.

It is said that Akweni has developed a sole ownership tendency for the party and anyone who displeases or stands in her way her way soon meets her wrath.

Akweni came to a head with Manganya in Mulanje where she created two polling stations deliberately to prevent Manganya from going through.

In Bvumbwe, Kaliati sent thugs who dragged and threw out Anita Kalinde from the primaries venue where she was to compete with Guga and Lius Ngoma.

As a result, Kalinde stormed the their tally Centers at Robbins Park and slapped Kaliati. A catfight ensued as Kaliati hit back.

If it had not been for some brave cadets..oops, malegeni boys, we can only imagine how that battle would have ended up. And the tensions are just beginning.


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