UTM ,Hamdan Arafat Scared Of Unpopularity :Watsapp  Chat Expose Rigging Plans

Scared Chilima aka Hamdan Arafat

Hamdan Arafat fondly known as Saulos Chilima and his UTM officials are in serous panic and frustration after they learnt on 3 January primaries the brutal truth that they have no voters.

The UTM primaries only proved to be another disaster with Malawians losing interest in Chilima and UTM members realising that their leadership is lying to them.

In the conversation below, UTM senior officials say their only hope now is to rig the election using a machine which Arafat Hamdan has smuggled into the country.

All these details are in the Whatsapp conversation among senior UTM officials, which include its secretary general Patricia Kaliati:

[1/4, 11:06] +265 995 56 56 56: Sizikuyendatu am more frustrated we are not good pa ground pa….this is a very big test for us tikuperewera
[1/4, 11:26] +265 999 51 06 81: Ndipo sitingayinamizire Dpp zikutikanika tokha idzi tikakumana ndi bodza lokhalokha as if all is well,anthu they are not even coming for primaries yet we have been told   we have thousands of delegates chibwanatu ichi
[1/4, 11:28] +265 995 56 56 56: We have a long way to go tingogwirana manja
[1/4, 11:41] +265 999 95 01 12: minus machine we cant make it…..primary statics have shown that we are poor in remote areas  tingolimbikira zinazo
[1/4, 11:43] +265 999 51 06 81: Data muyipeza bwanji anthu kulibeko achimwene?mwalowetsamo ochuluka bwanji?olo 1 million akukwana?tituluke tikagwire ntchito tisakhale ma chairman tili tambalale zitibvuta
[1/4, 11:43] +265 888 89 28 87: Sit down with the chair and establish areas where we need to go asap
[1/4, 11:43] +265 999 31 96 23‬: You are the Chair honourable ofcourse simunayime ku convention koma u have a big role to play
[1/4, 11:44] +265 888 51 06 81: Ine ndemwe ndikhale SG ndekha Chair koma kungoti tawina apa Kaliat alibe ntchito kuwinatu chisankho sitingawine tili mnyumba kuchipinda ndachakazathu osatheka tiyeni tidzuke tisagone this is not a one man show.

Meantime, things boiled over after the primaries as SKC Arafat Hamdan and Kaliati exchanged bitter words. Hamdan accused Kaliati of failing to mobilise delegates to vote in the primaries.

Kaliati however fired back at her boss. Kaliati has accused SKC of pocketing the donations money supposed to be used for mobilising grassroots.


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