Shocking Revelations About Hamdan Arafat Masquerading As SKC Continues: The Untold Story

When we broke the news that Soulos Chilima is Arafat Hamdan and that he has an illegal identity, many Malawians thought this is propaganda.

The guy was born out of a hit and run marriage, was named Arafat Hamdan but changed to Soulos Chilima when his mother remarried to Mr Henderson Chilima.

What else do we know?

Muntazi Hamdan of Kapiliuta Transport based in Dedza is a half brother of  Mr Saulos Chilima whose original name is Arafat Hamdan. The two share a father whose name was late Mr Mussa Jussab Hamdan.

Muntazi was at Umbwi Secondary School while Arafat was at Mtendere Secondary School now called Marist. The two used to be close and every weekend Muntazi used to visit his brother with food supplies.

The two have worked for the transport company really hard. Arafat got a job at Zagaf transport since there is a blood relationship between the Gaffers and the Hamdans.

Those who went to Chancellor College with Arafat now pretending to be Saulos Chilima remember that he had these coloured brothers visiting him every time.

Mrs Chisala the mother of Ivan Chisala taught young Arafat AKA SKC  at Daraph primary school and also Mr Makhala the father of Waliko Mwakhala we have established .

Chilima also cheated Malawians on his date of birth. We are now ready with information pertaining to his real date of birth.

Two things ought to be cleared. His real name and year of birth.

The family of Hamdan has also produced pictures at a family reunion at the Hamdan home  in Dedza.

Welcome Arafat Hamdan.


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