Chartalan Hamdan Arafat Masquerading As Saulos Chilima Exposed

Hamdan Arafat Turned Saulos Chilima

Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima has asked senior members of his father side to deny him after serious revelations that he was born Arafat Hamdan.

The revelations have triggered international and national-wide interest as the perception that “Soulos Chilima is not what we think he is” grows. South African media recently described Chilima as a “Charlatan” (meaning a fake, impostor, pretender, masquerader, hoaxer, cheater) after he grossly failed to state his political agenda in a BBC Hardtalk interview.

Chilima is now seen in the public eye as a dishonest person who never told Malawians about his true identity. Worse, several records also show that Chilima cheated on his age to impress Malawians that he is a young person.

The “Chilima” name was adopted after his step father late Henderson Chilima married his mother in the 70s and the young boy embraced catholicism upon being baptized at Catholic Institute Church in Blantyre.

Henderson Chilima was a devouted Catholic and was quick to get rid of the Arabic name “Arafat Hamdan”. Chilima’s name “Arafat” has been associated with terrorism after Yasser Arafat in the Middle East conflict.

The revelations have raised a fascinating religious undercurrents in the country. By renouncing his Islamic faith and name, Moslems are feeling rejected by Chilima. At the same time, his jealously guarded secret of Islamic background is making Catholics feel cheated. Ironically, Chilima was encouraged, endorsed and funded by some Catholic Bishops.

Fearing his own ghost from the cupboard, Chilima has approached his father family to deny him. But the public court has already made its verdict in the social media that now calls him SKC ARAFAT HAMDAN.

Legally, the Vice President was supposed to follow the procedure of making a declaration before a public notary. In the absence of such a public notary, Malawi’s Vice President is Arafat Hamdan, a matter that has serious legal consequences.

Malawi Electoral Commission may not accept Chilima’s presidential candidacy while Malawi’s constitutional defenders may want Chilima’s very vice presidency rescinded and reversed.

Controversy of the identity fraud worsens with fears that an entire Vice President committed an act of purgery that he lied that he was born in 1973 when he was running for a public office in 2013.

The growing public image of “a fradulent crook” has now vindicated Malawi’s State President Peter Mutharika who politically divorced the Vice President.

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