DPP Sympathizers Bay For The Blood Of SG Jeff Wa Jeff: Blame Her Of Messing Primaries

Accused of Messing with DPP Primaries, Jeff wa Jeff




We people of Nsanje Lalanje demand the resignation of DPP SG because she has failed to lead the party especially during the primary election period. We have information that our favoured candidate Gladys Ganda is not liked by the SG and that she wants to give us a raw deal. We say NO to this nonsense.


Nsanje Lalanje went to election polls on 18 November and Gladys Ganda emerged victorious with a landslide. The two men Jim Tembo and Jim Chaola got defeated. Mr Kamuyambeni the Director of Operations did his best job. He declared Gladys Ganda winner.


Immediately after free and fair election, rumour had it that DPP was not ready to feature Gladys Ganda again as DPP candidate because it said she made the party lose in 2017 by-election. This angered us and we received the rumour negatively. Secondly, we heard DPP was giving our next and first female MP a position in government for her to stop vying for parliamentary seat. We monitored the situation. And now we hear DPP wants to bring in a rerun for us to choose a candidate again. We know there will be no change of candidate even if we vote ten times.


As we write as concerned citizens of Nsanje Lalanje, all the three candidates are on the ground campaigning for DPP claiming they all will stand on 21 May 2019 yet we already have a candidate for next year’s polls. This is total confusion and we ask Jefu wa Jefu to stop confusing us.


Jef wa Jef is gaining from her position by collecting money from the incumbent MPs for them to be shielded during primaries. She got cash during the last sitting of Parliament.


Jef wa Jefu has been heavily attacked and asked to resign in the Patriotic Democratic Members forum because of her lay leadership and poor administration for the mess of DPP primaries, inter alia, in Nkhotakota Nort East, Chiradzulu where a clear winner has been replaced, she is shielding her friends in Blantyre and in Nsanje Lalanje where she wants to substitute Gladys Ganda for Jim Chaola.


Whether you want or not, Our favoured candidate Gladys Ganda will still stand in 2019. She will not be independent as the SG has been telling others who are willing to testify to the NGC all what she has been saying about Gladys Ganda. We will not accept any nosense from her. Enough is enough. Leave us voters to give you a candidate and NOT her giving us a candidate.

If DPP wants to win with a good number of MPs, Jef wa Jef must be removed as SG, if she doesn’t resign on her own. Otherwise, there is call for disaster if DPP maintains Jef as SG.

Signed: Nsanje Lalanje Concerned Citizens.


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