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Chilima Bitter With APM For Transforming Malawi Successfully In A Short While 

Chilima Bitter With APM progress

Chilima Bitter With APM progress

UTM Leader Saulos Chilima is bitter that Malawi President Peter Mutharika is developing the country.

Speaking at a political rally in Ntchisi, Chilima pressed a panic button on his prospects of winning in 2019 elections.

The vice president, who revealed in an interview BBC that he is absconding work despite drawing public funds, sounded a worried man with the manner that President Mutharika is developing the country.

According to analysts who followed his speech, Chilima wrongly accused Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of stealing his development agenda while contradicting his previous sentiments.

“He was clearly worried that with the pace Mutharika is developing country, the UTM leader might run out of ideas when May comes. He was very incoherent and contradicted himself on a number of occasions.

“For example, when at his rally in Nkhotakota, he urged Malawians not to be fooled by the free education scheme DPP has introduced in Secondary School.

He claimed it was a US funded initiative matching government strategy of constructing secondary school blocks across the country.

“Yet, when he was in Ntchisi he accused government, which technically he is supposed to be part of serve for the fact he is a ghost worker milking tax-payers money for doing absolutely nothing, of stealing his UTM plans.

Is the free-education a US initiative, APM agenda or a UTM initiative?

Chilima is fast proving to be a pathological liar and banked on people not discovering his deceits” political analysist of 2019 elections, Dr Miralda Chinthenga, told this reporter.

Chinthenga, as the soothsayer, warned Malawians to be warry of Chilima and to treat his promises with a pinch of salt.

“If he is committed to developing the country, he shouldbe over the moon that the needs and welfare of the people are being addressed.

“But, with his sentiments, he has revealed that he is only interested in winning next years elections and does not necessarily care if people’s lives are being improved.

Also, his contradictions suggest that his promises must always be weighed with facts because ordinary Malawians will get a raw deal if they are not careful come May 2019” added Dr Chinthenga.

Meanwhile, DPP has also hit back at Chilima saying the vice president is plagiarizing the ruling party’s blueprint, case in point being the medical marijuana which is already being piloted at Chitedze Research Station.

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