DPP Cadets Donate Borehole In Chakwera’s Constituency:Laza Abused CDF

Kasiya people rescued by DPP youths

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party youths on Sunday donated one borehole at Kasiya where MCP president Chakwera is the member of parliament, and has failed to give his people access to clean water for over four years despite pocketing a huge pay, allowances and constituency development fund in the name of them.

Few weeks ago,there was a video which went viral on social media with people from Kasiya complaining about having no boreholes around, a development which has caused them to be using unclean water resulting in waterborne diseases in the area.

DPP youths managed to source funds and within two weeks, the people of Kasiya have an access to clean water which Chakwera has denied them for so long with a modern borehole which has been drilled in the area.

If Chakwera is failing to drill a borehole in his own constituency regardless of the CDF he gets from parliament, how can Malawians trust him when he has failed how own kinsmen?

This clearly shows that Chakwera is a man who does not care about people and he cannot be trusted with Malawi’ presidency.


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